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April 8, 2017

The Big Event

On Saturday, April 8th, we'll be participating in the Big Event again! We're excited to participate again this year and volunteer in the community. We'll try to have a picture of us together like previous years and share with you what jobs we get to do.


West Virginia VEX Competition (March 11, 2017)

This year we sent 11 members from both of our senior and junior teams to this competition. We have some great photos of our dedicated team members from this competition, and while we didn't secure any victories, the work ethic is strongly evident here. We would like to thank everyone who sponsors us and makes it possible for us to compete and function as an organization, and we hope to learn as much as possible from the two competitions we went to this year.

Virginia Tech Science Festival (October 8, 2016)

At the VT Science Festival, T.E.K. Robotics set up a game for children to play with our VEX robots. Kids of all ages from the area got a chance to drive a robot objectively to push around cubes into their corresponding color tiles. In addition, children had the chance to try our claw machine to win candy. We had a blast at the event and enjoyed interacting with the community about STEM and robotics. Below are a few pictures of T.E.K. Robotics at the festival in Newman Library.

T.E.K. and T.R.E. Interest Meetings (September 10, 2016)

The T.E.K. and T.R.E. interest meetings were Saturday, and we really appreciated the turnout and interest shown toward our organizations! We look forward to reviewing each of your applications, and we also hope you enjoy some the humor we have in them. Sometime within the next week or two, we will have acceptance offers together. Thank you everyone for coming!

Check out the new 2016-2017 VEX game "Starstruck"!
2016-2017 "Starstruck" competition information may be found here:
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