TEK Robotics 

at Virginia Tech

First Ever Competition

Members of the TEK team drove to the College of Southern Maryland on February 6th to compete in the CSM VEX U Regional Qualifier. We placed 6th in the qualifying rounds and made it to the quarter finals. We really shined in our teamwork and sportsmanship, aspiring to follow the Virginia Tech Aspirations of Integrity and Civility. 

First Club Meeting and working on the Field

We had our first club meeting of the semester. We are changing the structure for the club so that we will no longer have weekly meetings but biweekly meetings. 

The team set up the field and tested the robots with the game pieces.


First Meeting of the second Semester

We are back from the winter break and hard at work on our robots! We have our 1st competition on the 6th of February. Our big robot has decided to go with a chain and hook manipulator for picking up cubes. Our "Acute" robot now has a working base with a lift mechanism almost ready to be attached. 

Prototyping with the Team

On Sunday the 5th of October, the team met to finalize their decision on the design of the robot. The small robot group is going with a tank drive, U-base, Scissor lift robot with a hybrid manipulator using parallel conveyors and a gripper. The large robot is also using a scissor lift with hybrid conveyor/claw manipulator but are opting to use mecanum wheels with a U-base for better maneuverability. A lot of progress was made with the four motor all wheel drive and scissor lift construction.

First Meeting Spaghetti Tower Winners

VEX Bootcamp

On Sunday, September 21st, 2014, TEK held it's first annual VEX Bootcamp where members could come to learn about the basics of engineering and the VEX robotics system. We covered topics such as sketching, CAD, building and programming.

Check out the 2014-2015 game:

AM Grand Challenge Finalists