T.E.K. Robotics

at Virginia Tech

Who Are We?

T.E.K. (Teaching Engineering & Kinematics) Robotics is a college VEX Robotics team at Virginia Tech. We currently have 54 members, from every undergraduate year. T.E.K. Robotics focuses on teaching the aspects of robotics to students varying in experience, from rookies to those accustomed with basic robotics. This is now our 5th year as an organization and team. Just last semester, we also introduced a new robotics club. Thus, T.E.K. Robotics can now be divided into 2 organizations that are overseen by the Board of Officers: the new T.R.E. Club and the T.E.K. Robotics teams.

In the T.R.E. Club, members work with all sorts of materials and collaborate on all kinds of projects. Perks of the club include working with excellent returning members who are dedicated to providing the means for future members to accomplish any design challenge. Prospective students should look forward to the creative challenge presented by this kind of engineering design.

In the T.E.K. Robotics Team, members will compete in the 2016-2017 Starstruck VEX competition. The new team will also compete against the returning team members in a time-limited design process, Junior team vs. Senior team. Perks of the team include the strong emphasis on problem solving in robotics and the chance to compete against other university teams. Subsequently, the freedom for design is limited and restricted by VEX rules, and parts.

T.E.K. strives to not only be a competitive and educational robotics team, but also an organization devoted to philanthropy and the advancement of STEM education through the use of robotics. T.E.K. plans on giving back to our community by introducing children to robotics in order to demonstrate early on the rewards of careers in STEM.

T.E.K. participates in philanthropic events throughout the year, including The Big Event, and the Robotics Merit Badge.

Where Are We?

Virginia Tech, Randolph Hall, Room 116 (Subject to change)

When Are We?

Friday & Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. (Subject to change)

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