TEK Robotics 

at Virginia Tech

Who Are We?

TEK Robotics is a college Vex Robotics team at Virginia Tech. We currently have 40 members in a range of years in college. TEK Robotics focuses on teaching the aspects of robotics to students ranging in experience, from inexperienced to advanced. We are really excited about this year; there has been a lot of interest in the team. Now that we are established we are planning on competing in a few competitions, including the VEX World Championships. 

TEK strives to not only be a competition robotics team but also an organization devoted to philanthropy and the advancement of STEM education through the use of robotics. TEK plans on giving back to our community by demonstrating robotics to children to show them the importance of STEM education.

TEK also participates in philanthropic events throughout the year, including Big Event, and the Robotics Merit Badge

Where Are We?

Virginia Tech Signature Engineering Building Rm 145

When Are We?

Friday nights at 7:00